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Birthdays & Anniversaries – August

7 Happy Club Anniversary, Lorna (2001)!
13 Happy Birthday, Karen!
22 Happy Anniversary to Dennis & Kathy!
25 Happy Birthday, Don!

Lynn won David’s International birthday gift auction. Emily outdid herself and Shelly was the lucky winner. Karen’s wonderful Finnish-themed gift went to Shirley. What will Don surprise us with? Will Dennis divulge his number of years of wedded bliss with a $1 per year donation? Stay tuned…

Remember, you can designate the beneficiary of the money your birthday gift auction raises. Just tell our saint of a treasurer, Bob. Otherwise, the money will go into the ‘fines and brags’ pot.

Here’s a peek at September festivities:

7 Happy Club Anniversary, Robert (2004)!
11 Happy Anniversary to Bob & Karen!
17 Happy Anniversary to Fred & Diane!
19 Happy Club Anniversary, Carol Lynn (2000)!
19 Happy Birthday, Mikel!
20 Happy Anniversary to Jeff & Tammie!
23 Happy Birthday, Shirley!
23 Happy Birthday, Lynn!

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