As always, Board Members, please correct me if my notes don’t match yours.

Old Business

A. Every Rotarian, Every Year. The board felt more education about the RI Foundation and Paul Harris programs are in order, particularly as part of new member orientation but also to the club as a whole. A club assembly will be planned to talk about ‘All Things Money’, to be presented by our club’s Leadership Academy students. Tentative date: October 3, 2006

B. Presidential Citation. We are well on our way to meeting the requirements. The Board will continue to visit this monthly. Of note:

  1. When selecting a WCS project, we will look closely at projects addressing water, health, hunger or literacy.
  2. Shelly is heading up a ‘4-Way Test’ ad-hoc committee with a goal of encouraging members to display the test in their place of business and perhaps certifying us as living these ethics in our personal and business lives. Contact Shelly for more information or to get involved.

C. Board and Committee Reports.

  1. Secretary/Club Admin: No report
  2. Treasurer’s Report: We have approximately $10,000 unencumbered funds in the treasury, on track for our annual budget. Budget will be presented to the club during teh ‘All Things Money’ club assembly noted above.
  3. Fundraising: No report, however Shelly noted that Oysters & Art Committee is moving right along for a great event. Shelly will follow up to enourage the cmte to post their progress and needs to the Club Message Board (aka this blog).
  4. RI Foundation & Education: No report, however there was discussion regarding RI Foundation donations, whether we can get a report on participation, how we can inspire increased participation. Carol Lynn will relay this discussion and follow up with Nancey.
  5. Membership: Discussion regarding one newly proposed member. MSP to table the application for right now; David will follow up with a few questions and then bring the proposal to the Board again. Paperwork was missing for another proposed member and so this was also tabled. Shirley will be presenting a club assembly in November (date TBD) to share what she learned at the District Workshop.
  6. Public Relations: Carol Lynn is working on a district grant for $3000. and will notify us if she needs assistance.
  7. Service Projects:
  • Highway Cleanup: Scheduled for Sat., September 16. Meet 9:00-9:15 am at the Visitors Bureau. Should take about an hour and a half if everyone shows up. Contact Bob or Keith with questions.
  • WCS/Books to Uganda Project: Shirley reports that the project is on track.

New Business

  1. Cranberrian Fair: MSP to not hold a fundraiser this year.

Meeting Adjourned