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Books to Uganda UPDATE

We have about 75,000 lb of books packed and waiting for shipping funds. The source of shipping, a State Dept. program called the Funded Transportation Program, is run by a contractor that had problems with its computers, changed servers and lost my application for shipping for a month or two. Eventually I found out and resubmitted. I think two applications are now on track and sure hope to get these books off soon! Your Astoria RC books are packed and in these shipments.

By the way, by the time we send off two 40 ft. containers to Uganda in late 2006, the Books For Uganda project will have sent about 390,000 lb of used textbooks, used shelving and used computers to five colleges and universities in Uganda. High school and elementary school textbooks in the shipments are sorted by the recipient colleges/universities and then distributed to the schools around them.

As of last Monday, we have a chance to get about 3,000 ft of great used steel library shelving from Pacific University to send with the books to Kampala University. We learned years ago that it is a good idea to send shelving along with books to ensure that the books don’t remain in their boxes because of lack of bookshelves. We will need funds to pay for a moving van with two men to move the approximately three to four tons of shelving from Pacific U to the warehouse in Tigard, then some extra funds to pay for loading them with the big warehouse forklift into the shipping container. I need about $1,000 more in order to pay these expenses associated with getting the shelving. Blue Bird Transfer Inc. in Tigard, where owner Wade McLaren generously provides us with work space every year, will be the source of the moving van and men to move the shelving, but we need to pay the going rates for them and it will take at least two trips. From previous experience, I estimate that it is likely to cost around a thousand dollars in total.

I hope to get 6-10 volunteers (both Rotarians and non-Rotarians) to disassemble the shelves and palletize them a couple weeks from now. If you have any clubs that are looking to partner, this would be a possibility. We could also ask whether partner clubs have members who would like to help with taking down the shelving, in the old library at Pacific U in Forest Grove. It will take 2-3 days depending on manpower.

I have just put a request for additional partner funds for the Fuel Briquettes project on the district WCS website to fund a matching grant of $17,850. Your contribution is helping us get to the club requirement of $5,000, but we aren’t there yet.

Thanks for your support in both projects! Will keep you informed when there is progress.


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