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CGT Grant; Reply from Sharon

Thank you for the kind words, Shirish.  And to all of you, thanks for your patience–it took awhile to get this far.  Now we need to cross our fingers that the District has money available and gives their approval.  And there will no doubt be additional questions to be answered. 
Now for an admission.  If you examined the attachment from Shirish closely, you may have noticed an arithmatical error on p. 5.  I inadvertently picked up a draft copy of that page.  The error has now been corrected, and we’re back in business.  (Correct amount requested from TRF is $8,091.68; total project financing is $21,691.68.)
I appreciated the opportunity to write this draft.  It was my first try at such a thing, and I’ve learned a lot!
Sharon R. Starr
Lake Oswego Rotary Club #292

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