The Covid Response Committee has been busy! In fact, things have been moving so quickly, I forgot to post an update. Oops!

First, a shout-out to the Rotarians who have really been pushing up their sleeves and volunteering for work assignments to get the job done. Not surprisingly, they’re also the Rotarians who show up to nearly every Zoom meeting. Dennis, Nancy, Meg, Monica, Mark and Lanie: You rock!

We’re having a good time along the way, too.  On to a report…

We begain in March by trying to identify our own goals for meeting.  Then we invited a few key community service providers to join us and, as we expanded that group each week, we discovered the networking opportunity was service in and of itself.

It wasn’t long before it became clear that the public entities (NPOs; Non-Profit Organizations) were regularly sharing with one another and had a pretty good idea of what services were available and who was handling each.  The private organizations (NGOs; Non-Governmental Organizations) had a much more vague understanding of what their fellows, and all of the public entities, were doing.  Overlap of service, as well as service gaps, began to come into view.

One of our first goals became identifying and cataloging all of these entities, their princpals, and the services provided.  That project continues.

Peninsula Poverty Response (PPR) stepped up to take on the role of an information and referral service, vetting requests and funneling each person to the public and/or private entiies that were a good fit to help them.  This program is in its infancy and definitely needs to be shored up with donations.  We plan to do just that and will be presenting a $3,000. request to the Trustees from PPR later today.

The other entities we’ve heard from to date are doing okay, if not fabulously.  The need is great, both more broadly and deeply than in “normal” times.  So far, new donations and reserves are getting the job done.  The bigger concerns seem to be (a) filling gaps and (b) months down the road when things are harder and donors have given what they can.

How then, we asked ourselves, can Rotary best serve the community?  Without hesitation or debate, there was consensus between ourselves, the NPOs and NGOs:  FILL THE GAPS.  Quite a few needs had been identified that fell through the cracks of existing systems.

As we move forward, our goals are to continue to expand the Monday networking sessions for their own benefit and toward our goal of identifying and cataloging resources.  Meanwhile, we meet on Wednesdays to tackle the gaps and maximize the limited funds we have so we help those most in need, most affected by the pandemic.

Our Peninsula Rotary Foundation has empowered our group to spend the $8,950 raised for this project at our auction, no more than $2,500 at a time (else we go back to the Trustees for approval).  The recent fundraiser by Anita’s added another $1,800 (ish) to that pot (shout out to all of you who worked the event!).  We ask each of you to keep your eyes and ears open for more fundraising opportunities.  Our regular projects are in good shape financiallyl but this one will run out of cash long before it runs out of need.

Notes from Monday and Wednesday meetings can be downloaded from this page.  Each has the zoom info should you wish to drop in on either.  This is exciting work: insta-gratification!


Covid Response funds raised: $10,750.

$8,950.  EAA Online Auction
$1,800.  Anita’s Fish Fundraiser

Covid Response funds allocated: $0.

$   999.  Homeless Students Grant
$3,000.  Peninsula Poverty Response
$1,000.  Grocery and Medication Deliveries
$.  500.  Printing (advertising & faux cash)