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Elva Jay Report

Elva Jay Condition Report as of 0800, 3/1/07:

Elva has come thru the five bypass heart operation very well. I
cannot say enough about the care and competency we have experienced
at SW Medical Hospital here in Vanc. Today, a permanent pace maker is
being installed as it has been difficult to obtain a regular heart beat.

Her spirits are good, all tubes and wires have been removed. She
should be moved out of the CCU and onto the regular floor for heart
patients today. Maybe home by Sun or Mon. and then into a six week
recovery period while the breast bone incision mends.

I have curtailed my Rotary activities and consequently are a little
behind in getting ready for July 1. However having Elva's daughter
with us this winter is really great.

Thanks for all your cards, emails and phone calls, and hugs too. dave

David M. Jay

Rotary District 5100

District Governor, 2007/2008


Cell: 360-606-9962

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