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Food Fight!

Why are these Rotarians smiling?


….because they hadn’t yet learned that their nearly 800 pounds of food didn’t even come close to beating the Rotary Club of North Tillamook County in the Coastal Clubs Food Fight this past month.  North Tillamook President Peter Nunn announced that his club of just 17 members collected 1085 pounds of food during February!  Oh, the suffering our club (31 members) will endure!  At least we’re in good company; the Rotary Clubs of Tillamook (18 members), Warrenton (16 members) and Seaside (46 members)  join us in defeat.  And, the female half of our Peninsula Rotary club take solace in the fact that we collected 650 pounds to the men’s 119!

Each of the clubs distributed the donated food to food banks and distribution programs in the communities in which it was collected.

Way to go, Rotarians!

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