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Goal Reminder from DG Tom

Here is what I hope individual clubs and the district as a whole can accomplish in the 2007 part of our year.

1.      All clubs will accomplish the “Red Wing” society goal of 100% of your membership supporting the R.I. Foundation at the $100.00 level. Mary and I will match that giving at $100.00 per club.

2.      All clubs will, by April 1st, have a positive membership growth. This is measured by the starting membership number you submitted on your July 2006 SAR. This is the only mandatory goal to achieve a “Presidential Citation”.

3.      All clubs will earn a “Presidential Citation”. Is this very ambitious? Of course it is. However, if you will study the citation brochure, it is an attainable goal. I look forward to presenting many of the citations in the spring in person.

4.      The District will increase its number of Paul Harris Fellows; membership in the Paul Harris Society will grow; Rotarians doing estate plans will consider a bequest to the foundation and those individuals capable of making significant one time contributions will become major donors.


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