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Great Ideas for Club Family of Rotary

Plan at least one fun club family event each year.
Invite family members to participate in service projects, fundraising activities, special club activities, the district conference.
Encourage program committee to schedule meetings at Rotarians’ businesses and invite Rotarian partners.
Work with club president on meeting this year’s Family of Rotary Requirements for Presidential Citation.
Send success stories to Family of Rotary coordinator ( to share with other clubs and R.I.
Conduct member needs assessment survey regarding fellowship area.
Encourage club president to include family members at the induction ceremony of each new member.

Gather information and establish a data base for club Rotarians (birthdays, anniversaries, partner name, children names/ ages).
Monitor media for accomplishment of club members and send congratulatory notes.
Set up a contact for club members when they hear of a concern (illness or death).
Develop a plan to inform club members upon death or serious illness of a member/ partner between regular meetings.
Develop a regular schedule of contact and involvement of surviving partners (e.g., invitation to special events, newsletters, subscription to Rotarian magazine).
Plan an annual memorial event to recognize deceased Rotarians and/or their partners.
Work with membership committee to welcome past members back for a special program each year.
Set up a greeter program for Rotary meetings if it does not exist; renew the current program if it does.
Encourage and recommend to board to set up budget item for cards/ flowers.
John Jacob Gardiner, P.D.G.
Family of Rotary Zone 23 Coordinator
c:206-409-4776  o:206-296-6171 

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