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Group Study Exchange Opportunity

Hey gang, just got this from District. It is another great opportunity to build Rotary and create Rotarians:


Dear Rotarians,

Governor Dave Jay and I ask for your help – please find a few young people – and invite them to apply for fabulous exchanges with So. Korea or Argentina.

Nearly all expenses are paid/provided by Rotary – airfare, lodging, ground transportation, most food and drink.
Team members are hosted in homes of Rotarians for most of the 4 week exchange.
There will be vocational exchanges with people in their occupations, and a cultural exchange they will not soon forget.
They will be taught to read, write and converse in Korean or Spanish.
They learn the geography, economy, history, religions and culture of the country and region they visit.
And learn lots about Rotary and our District.

Applicants must be 25-40 years of age, live or work in the District. And not be Rotarians, or lineal descendants of an active Rotarain; they can be employees of a Rotarian.

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