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How to invite a guest to a meeting

by RIDE Monty Audenart
The invitation to attend a Rotary club meeting is an important pre-cursor to individuals joining Rotary. Many Rotarians seem to hesitate inviting potential members to a Rotary meeting.

There are perhaps three reasons we do not extend the invitation.

1.      We have yet to be touched by Rotary to a degree that makes us want to share Rotary with others.
2.      We have a fear of the unknown. To invite others to come to a club meeting requires us to move out of our comfort zone. We are anxious about questions that may be asked of us.
3.      We have a fear of being rejected. We may feel that a rejection is a rejection of ourselves, where friendship might be lost and our self esteem lowered.
If you, like me, need a bit of help, then here is a successful strategy that can improve your confidence with those invitations.
The following three statements placed within a conversation, allow you, a Rotarian to be in control of an invitation process.
The strategy is simple to use. One can gauge the response of each statement, and personally decide to continue or discontinue the invitation process. The best approach is to have a certain amount of dialogue between statements, be at ease, and speak from the heart..
Statement #1
I am a member of the Rotary Club of _____________, and I enjoy giving service to my community and the world.
(This statement identifies the Rotarian, and  indicates membership as a pleasing activity, defining the broad concept of Rotary service.)

Statement #2 

Rotary has been a practical help to me in both my business and personal life.
(This statement defines the benefits of membership in Rotary,  which would appeal to just about anyone.)
Statement #3
I admire you and what you do. Would you like to come to a Rotary meeting and meet other like-minded individuals?
(This statement recognizes the individuals worth and integrity in business, and extends a non-threatening invitation Note: Any rejection falls upon a group and not an individual.)

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