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In ROTARY they trust

In ROTARY they trust
By PDG Dick Drew—D5020
Share this story with the next person you are trying to encourage  to join Rotary. Or tell it at your club to remind Rotarians of the respect our Rotary crest has. 
Aline and I were transferring airlines in the very busy Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle Washington. I was wearing a jacket with a Rotary crest on the breast pocket. As we sat waiting with an hour to fill, a young student, seated nearby, approached us with a confident smile, placed her back pack on the seat next to Aline and said:
—”Hi, would you people mind keeping an eye on this, I have to go to the washroom and then make a phone call” ?
We agreed, and she was gone. The transaction happened so fast it annoyed me. Our granddaughter, about this young student’s age, was attending University in Ottawa, Canada.  We would have been very upset had she done what this young student did. When she returned ten minutes later, I sternly chastised her, warning her never to ever leave her back pack with strangers:
—” Never leave anything with strangers”!
She stopped me cold when she said:
—”Oh! you are not strangers. I noticed the Rotary crest on your jacket. My dad is a Rotarian in Boston; he always said if I was in trouble and needed help I could ask a Rotarian. When I saw your Rotary crest, I knew you folks were okay. My dad says you can  always trust a Rotarian” !






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