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Do what you can when you can.  Trade tasks with others.  S t r e t c h  yourself a little!  This is the one project each year that requires the participation of ALL club members.


• Lead or work on event committees.

• Team Leaders ensure all responsibilities and volunteers for their area are fully managed.  This year’s Team Leaders are:

  • Arts & Adventures Teams:  Brad Browning
    • Procurement:  Paul Estrella
    • Silent Auction:  Nancy McAllister
    • Live Auction: Keleigh Schwartz
    • Marketing & Ticketing:  Gail Baer
    • Gift/Swag Boxes:  Karen Hintz
    • Logistics Team:  Keleigh Schwartz
    • Video: Mark Magee
    • Data: Brad Browning
    • Continuity: John & Eleanor Ramage

Take a look at the JOBS BOARD, right, to see where help is needed. If you aren’t sure where to plug in, contact Brad, Paul, or Keleigh. 360.783.7074


Register yourself and, if you are a team leader, your volunteers.  ALL members and volunteers MUST be registered so please take care of this early.



  1. pdf file Donor Letter & Form
  2. pdf file Donation Form only
  3. Online Donation Form

Completed forms go to Brad.  Take a photo of the form and email to

Digital assets. It helps A LOT when you provide the donor’s logo and photo(s). You can attach them when you fill out the Online Donation Form  or email to

Auction Items go to Paul.  Ask the donor to help us market their business with items  to help with display, such as their business cards, brochures, or returnable items.  


Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at midnight (online).

Friday, April 2, 2021


Your club needs your help!

  • COCKTAIL DEMONSTRATION. We need someone to teach making a Quarantini; this should be someone with at least a little showmanship. 5 minutes-ish.
  • EMCEE. Someone to appear to be live but actually be pre-recorded and introducing snippets throughout the first half hour of our live program.
  • LIVE AUCTION. We’ll need a couple of people with a comfortable repartée to be on camera during the live.  This is essentially a pair of auctioneers, talking about the product, stirring competition between bidders, keeping energy high.
  • PROGRAM VIDEOS CHAIR. We’ll be doing short pre-recordedspots about each of our key programs, and those we support.  1-3-ish minutes each.  Could be a person talking on camera or a person talking with program photos or video playing, or a combo.  This job is about getting the speakers and helping with settings/lighting/etc.
  • ROTARY VIDEO.  We want to work in a short pro-Rotary video; Can you choose one 3-5 minutes long and get it to Mark?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CHAIR. We need someone to be on social media before the event, talking about it and sharing our hashtag.  During the live, this person will be taking screen shots of the live event, posting them with the hashtag and sending people to the auction for last-minute registration and bidding.
  • STAGING CHAIR.  This would be talking to potential venues (Peninsula Playhouse?) and, once chosen, creating the set for the cocktail party and live auction.  Keleigh is available to convert the ideas and items we had for our Cuba event, or you can use those supplies and do your own thing. Either way, you’ll want a small committee to put it all together.
  • VIDEOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT.  This job is about doing whatever legwork Mark needs so he doesn’t have to stop to do it.  This might be getting the sponsor and donor logos to Mark, or photos of activities, or whatever other elements he may need to pull things together.
  • WATCH PARTIES. We’ll break up the hour checking in with watch parties – small groups who put together a safe-sized group to maybe have dinner and watch and bid together.  This has proven to be a way to keep the energy high and watchers engaged so the live bidding doesn’t go flat.  We’re looking forbsomeone to be in charge of watch parties: promoting them, explaining them, touching base with those throwing them, working with them to take pics to post to social media with our hashtag, and maybe even going on a Facebook or YouTube live for 30 seconds or a minute.  You ought to be able to get 2-3 small watch parties out of the club since we’re not all going to be working event night.

Contact Keleigh (360-214-9235) to sign up.

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