DaCdb and my.rotary.org… What’s the difference?

Imagine the organization of Rotary like rings in a tree stump.  At the very center is the club.  Then there are groups of clubs, which share an Assistant District Governor (AG).  The AG’s job is to help the District Governor communicate to the club and get needed work done for the District Governor (DG).  The District is the next ring out.  Ours, District 5100, goes south to Tillamook, north to us, following the Columbia down both the OR and WA sides to Idaho.

Next are zones, which combine Districts and get work done appropriate to that many Rotarians working together and being on the same page, as it were.  Then there is Rotary International (RI), the business and governing entity of all of Rotary, world-wide.  We’re fortunate; it happens to be in our country, Chicago to be exact, where Rotary was born.

Rotary.org is the website for Rotary International.  From there, we can log into my.rotary.org, which is the RI database on clubs and members.  It holds information on our projects, goals and members, and also allows us to showcase projects globally, or look for partners for global projects. 

DACdb.com (pronounced DAK-DEE-BEE) is the database of our DISTRICT.  It holds information on each of the Rotarians in each of the clubs within District 5100.  It also holds details on projects, goals, grants and more, lets each of us send individual or group email to one another, send newsletters, announce events and other information to the rest of the clubs in District, register for classes and events, report make-ups, print a club roster, and much more. Make DACdb your friend.  You won’t regret it!

There is overlap between DACdb and My.Rotary information because  they share with one another.  That means you can update your information in either place and it will update the other.


Our club has a goal of donating at least $100 per member to the Rotary International Foundation by May 31st.  Not-so-coincidentally, this is the amount we need to donate to qualify for the District grant integral to funding our Christmas programs.  Why?  Because the funds we give to The Rotary Foundation this year come back to the club in 3 years through District grants –IF we donate at this level.  If you can give more than $100, please do so to make it easier on a less affluent member.

logging in & updating your profile

  1. Go to: dacdb.com
  2. Login.  The page tells you what your user/password are, unless you’ve changed them.
    1. Your username is the email address you gave the club to use.
    2. Your password is either your last name OR your Rotary ID#.  The latter is on your club ID card.  It is also above your address on your Rotary Magazine.  BRAND NEW MEMBERS: Either Tina or Nancy can look up your Member ID for you if needed.
    3. Your club number is 30819. That’s because we were the 30,819th club to be formed in the USA.
  3. Now you’re looking at our club’s dashboard.  There’s a lot to see.  The main part of the page has announcements from other clubs in the district.  There is a horizontal row of tabs, beneath it a blue bar of links, and then a left sidebar with still more links.  Aack!  Breathe.
  4. Ignore everything but that row of tabs and find the 4th from the left, “My DATA”.  Click it.  You’re looking at your profile!  We’re so close now!  NOTE: Alternately, you could have clicked “Edit MY Data” in the blue bar beneath the My DATA tab.
  5. In the left sidebar, find “Edit Member”. Click it. Voila!  All your information is now editable. Take a look at each field and correct, update, fill in – whatever needs to happen.  Only you, the club President, the Club Secretary, and people farther up the chain (District, Zone, RI officers for example) have access to most of this information.  Your gender and birth year will be used to create a graph all club members can see that shows how many people we have in a number of age & gender grouops, but will never be shown attached to your name.  Rotary takes our privacy very seriously.
  6. Did you see the tabs that showed up above your info? Sorry to tell you this, but you need to click through each of them.  Some of them won’t be relevant to you and you can skip those.  Others you won’t know what to do . DO ask a club officer and DON’T worry about them hanging you up for your steak dinner if you’ve done as much as you can AND asked an officer for help if needed..
  7. In the upper right of the screen, find the yellow “Update” button.  Click that periodically to save your work and be sure to click it when you’re all done.

WHILE YOU’RE LOGGED INTO MYROTARY.ORG, scroll back up to the blue links to the right of your headshot. Grab the Individual Contribution Form to make your donation to The Rotary Foundation. The Donor History Report shows you every contribution you’ve made since joining the organization.

  1. Go to:  rotary.org and click on the red “SIGN INTO MY ROTARY” button.  Alternately, go directly to my.rotary.org.  If this is your first visit, you’l need to create an account.
    1. Your username is your email address and your password was created by you.  If you need help, click the “Forgot Email?” and/or “Forgot Password?” link and follow instructions.
  2. Close the gray bar at the top of the screen regarding cookies.
  3. Now a line of medium blue text is showing above the search box at the top right of the page.  Reading left to right, you should see a link to log yourself out, a link to change your account settings (like your password), Delegation (we’ll save that for another day), and Profile.
  4. Click “Profile”.
  5. You should see your own head shot If you don’t, click to add one.
  6. Beneath that, you’ll find your contact info.  Click the blue lock to make this information editable, then click the blue word “Edit” to enter editing mode if needed.  When finished, be sure to click the blue lock to re-lock the info.

WHILE YOU’RE LOGGED INTO MYROTARY.ORG, scroll back up to the blue links to the right of your headshot. Notice you can grab an Individual Contribution Form to make your contribution to The Rotary foundation.  The Donor History Report shows you every contribution you’ve made since joining Rotary.