DaCdb: Online Database


logoThe District and Club database (DACdb, pronounced dak-dee-bee), is an online database for members, clubs, committees, and the district. It is the master database for District information, and can be updated by individual members, District Chairs, Club Officers, and District Administrators. Although this is a district-level database, it is also suitable as the record keeping system for any club wishing to use it as such.

We wish it were a bit more user-friendly for the average Rotarian, but it is a vendor-provided product that we feel offers the maximum utility to the District and our Clubs in many other areas, which is why District 5100 selected this particular system several years ago.

Logon at DaCdb to…

  • Register for Classes and Events  The District Calendar awaits!  See what other clubs are doing and add the event you chair to the calendar.
  • Update your profile  Have you looked to see what photo club leadership may have included for you?  Logon to change it. 🙂
  • Report make-up meetings and check on club attendance.
  • Find Club Member contact information including birthdays, club and wedding anniversaries
  • Print a Club Roster, Name Badges for events, or Mailing Labels amongst a bevy of ready-to-print templates loaded with info.
  • Send an email to everyone in your club at once without keeping track of current email addresses.
  • Email other Rotarians in the District …or find their contact info.
  • Get contact information for District Leaders …and find out who is in charge of which committees.
  • Get information on District Grant Proposals  …and check status of club Grant requests.
  • Oh, the reports you’ll find!

This list only scratches the surface of what this powerful program can do.  Make DaCdb your friend.  You won’t regret it!

How to Logon

Logging on DACdb is one of the most consistent bug-a-boos reported by new members and members who aren’t frequent users.  The main snag seems to be the logon process–and you must log in before you use any of the aforementioned tools.  Click for our simple log-in cheat sheet [pdf], to save or print.


If you get stuck, you are only a mouse click away from our District 5100 DACdb expert, Diane Weber, or our own webmaster, Keleigh Schwartz.