Oysters, Arts, & Adventures for Members

Member Responsibilities:

    • For more information, see PROCUREMENT on the bottom right of this page.
    • $20 to John OR purchase a bottle valued at $25 or more and give it to John.
    • Members are expected to PURCHASE a ticket to the event for themselves.
    • Members are asked to SELL  at least 4 additional tickets.
    • Alternately, sell 5 tickets and you don’t need to buy one yourself.
    • Either way, go to charityauction.bid/oaa19 to register yourself.  You MUST be registered prior to working the event so please take care of this early.
    • Members are expected to participate in chairing, or working on, pre-event committees.
    • Members are expected to be at the Museum for training and walk-through on the Friday before the auction at 5:30 pm. 
    • Members are requested to help with setup at the Museum on Friday, IF available. Time TBD.
    • Committee Chairs are expected to ensure all responsibilities and volunteers for their committee are fully managed.  Do not assume someone who has done the job in the past will fill in pieces if you haven’t spoken to them.
    • Contact Volunteers Team Leader Nancy McAllister for information on available jobs!

2019 Leadership

  • Event Chair: Dennis
  • Procurement:  Tina, with Kathy, Carol Lynn, Keleigh, Nancey
  • Entertainment (Music & PA):  Vanessa & Don
  • Decoration/Design: Rita & Kathy
    • Invitations: Keleigh
    • Forms: Keleigh
    • Setup: Rita & Kathy, with KLEAN and Team Leaders heading set up their own areas
  • Marketing: Tina
    • Marketing Plan & Execution: Tina
    • Rotary Signage: Lynn
    • Wayfinding (credit cards, bathroom, champagne, wine game, etc.): Keleigh
    • Social Media:Tina
  • Ticket Sales:  Dan, Dorothy, Nancey
  • Foyer (software, hardware):  Paul
    • Auction Setup in Software: Brad
    • Software Training: Brad/Paul
    • PRE Auction Data Entry:  Brad, Paul, Nancey
    • Silent Auction Data Entry: 
    • Live Auction Data Entry:
    • Hardware:  Mike, Brad
    • Check In/Out:  Laura Smith & BOP Team
    • Runners:
  • Guest Experience:  Keleigh
    • Swag Bags: Keleigh, Keith
    • Fun & Games: Costume or mask contest?
    • Photo Booth:  Keleigh, Keith
    • Candid Photographer: Nellie Hux, Keith
    • Post-Auction Survey: Keleigh
    • Wine Game:  John R
  • Silent Auction: Nancy Mc
    • Packaging & Presentation: Nancy Mc, Chrystal
    • Night of Auction Workers: Ivonna
    • Forms (display, bid):  Brad/Paul
  • Live Auction: Kevin
    • Auctioneer:
    • Auctioneer’s Right Hand Person: Dennis
    • Live Auction Items Staging:  Kevin
    • Live Auction Bid Spotters: Don
    • Live Auction Bid Recorders:
    • Slideshow:  Kevin
  • Food Services: Karen
    • Bar Services:  Karen, Lanie & Wendy
    • Team Members: Wendy, Carl, Sarah
  • Volunteers:
    • Volunteer Recruitment:
    • Volunteer Manager at Event:  
  • Setup and Breakdown:  Kevin, Keith, John D, Dennis
    • Transport of tables and Items to Auction: 
    • Saturday Night Cleanup:  Everyone
  • Post-Auction Activities:  Auction Chair Dennis
    • Audit: Auction Chair Dennis, Foyer Team Leader Paul, Foundation Treasurer John R
    • Donor Thank Yous (Software Team): Brad/Paul
    • Volunteer Thank Yous: Team Leaders

Time to Event:








Save the Date

Event Leadership Meetings
September TBA, 2018
Monday, October 8, 2018

Club Workshops
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Auction Committee Meetings
Monday, January 7th
Monday, February 4th
Monday, March 4th

Live Auction Items are chosen
Saturday, March 9th

Last Day for Items in
Tuesday, March 19th

Set Up
Friday, March 22nd
Setup Begins: 10 am
*Check with your team leader for additional on-site times

Friday, March 22nd
ALL Volunteers5 pm

Saturday, March 23rd5 pm
Volunteers arrive by 4 pm


Dennis’ list of what is assigned:

Grab the pdf file Solicitation Letter & Form to fill out on each item.
Or pdf file just the form. Donors can also fill out our online form.

Return paper forms to TINA.  If you have photos, logos or other digital assets, send them to  data@beachrotary.org (Goes to Tina, Paul, & Brad) as soon as possible. If at all possible, send a photo or four of the item for use on the website.  If you can get a logo from the donor to send also, that would be GREAT!

Hold auction items & display materials, or give them to Tina. ALL must be delivered to the auction during setup FRIDAY or before 3:30 pm SATURDAY

Last day for items in:
Tuesday March 9, 2019 at the club meeting.

What everyone should know about Auction Items infographic.pdf

Donate Now:

Please note per each, per lot, etc.
Specific date(s) of use? Must use by date? Blackout dates? Restrictions or requirements?