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Do what you can when you can.  Trade tasks with others.  S t r e t c h  yourself a little!



Go to charityauction.bid/OAA19 to register yourself and, if you are a team leader, your volunteers.  ALL members and volunteers MUST be registered so please take care of this early.


• Lead or work on event committees.
Be at the Museum for training and walk-through the Friday before the auction.
• Help with setup at the Museum on Friday and breakdown Saturday night.
Committee Chairs: ensure all responsibilities and volunteers for your committee are fully managed.


Buy a ticket to the event for yourself and SELL tickets to people in your circle of influence who may be high bidders due to their belief in children’s programs and their resources to bid. Selling tickets not your cup of tea?  Trade duties with another member so you’re both tasked with what you’re best doing.  Don’t just ignore; trade and engage!

Visit the auction site at
for tickets and to preview items.


Grab the pdf file Donor Letter & Form to fill out on each item, or just pdf file the form. You, or the donor, are invited to also/instead fill out our online donation form.

Give Your Auction Items to Nancy; if it fits in an envelope, give to Nancey.
Paper Forms to Brad, Keleigh, Carol Lynn, Nancey, Paul, Vanessa, or Tina.
You can save your fellows time by also filling out our online form.
Photos, logos or other digital assets, go to  data@beachrotary.org

Last day for items in:
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at the club meeting.

Time to Event:








Save the Dates

Set Up
Friday, March 22

Check with your team leader for time

Friday, March 22 5:30 pm

Saturday, March 23 – Doors Open 5 pm
Volunteers arrive by 4 pm

2019 OAA Leadership Roles & Procedures

Event Chair

  • Dennis

Venue Liaison

  • Nancey


Entertainment (Music & PA)


  • Rita & Kathy, Keleigh
  • Setup: Rita & Kathy, with Team Leaders heading set up their own areas
  • Decorations.docx
  • Invitations: Keleigh
  • Forms: Keleigh
  • See ‘Marketing’ for procedures relating to print media


  • Team Leader: Dennis
  • Transport of tables and auction items: Kevin, Keith, John D, Dennis
  • Saturday Night Cleanup:  Everyone
  • Set Up Take Down.docx

 Guest Experience

  • Team Leader: Keleigh
  • Entry Decor:  Keleigh
  • Welcome Bags: Keleigh, Keith
  • Photo Booth:  Keleigh, Keith
  • Candid Photographer: Nellie Hux
  • Game for Profit:  John R
  • Game for Fun:  Keleigh
  • GuestExperience.docx


  • Team Leader: Tina
  • Marketing Plan & Execution: Tina
  • Rotary Signage: Lynn
  • Wayfinding (credit cards, bathroom, champagne, wine game, etc.): Keleigh & Vanessa
  • Social Media:Tina
  • Marketing.docx

Ticket Sales Data


  • Hardware:  Mike
  • Team Leaders:Paul & Brad
  • Software: Brad
  • Software Training: Brad/Paul
  • PRE Auction Data Entry:  Brad, Paul
  • Silent Auction Data Entry: Brad
  • Live Auction Data Entry: Keleigh, Tina
  • Software.docx

 Check In/Out:

Online Auction

  • Brad

Silent Auction

  • Chair: Nancy Mc
  • Packaging & Presentation: Nancy Mc, Chrystal
  • Night of Auction Workers: Ivonna
  • Forms (display, bid):  Brad/Paul

Live Auction

  • Team Leader: Kevin
  • Auctioneer: Peter Adams
  • Auctioneer’s Right Hand Person: Dennis
  • Live Auction Items Staging:  Kevin
  • Live Auction Bid Spotters: Don
  • Slideshow:  Kevin

Food Services

  • Team Leader: Karen
  • Bar Services:  Karen, Lanie, Crissy & Wendy
  • Team Members: Wendy, Carl, Sarah, Crissy
  • Food.docx



  • Team Leader is Auction Chair
  • Audit: Auction Chair, Check-in/out Team Leader, Foundation Treasurer
  • Donor Thank Yous (Software Team): Brad/Paul
  • Volunteer Thank Yous: Team Leaders
  • Post-Auction Survey: Brad

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