Step 1: Share Rotary

Take care to not inform the prospective member that you plan to propose them for membership.  At this point, you are both simply “dating” and deciding if you even want to move forward.  Invite them to meetings so the club and candidate can get to know one another.

Step 2: Board Pre-Approval

Form part AWhile you are “dating” the proposed member, complete MemberProposal-A_v2014-10.pdf and return the form to the club Secretary.  They will forward it to the club’s Board of Directors.

Article 13, Section I – The name of a prospective member, proposed by an active member of the club,
shall be submitted to the Board in writing, through the club Secretary. A transferring or former member of another club may be proposed to active membership by the former club. The proposal shall be kept confidential except as otherwise provided in this procedure.

It can seem odd, at first, to submit the proposal before confirming the prospective member’s interest in joining the club.  It’s important to follow this step as it protects everyone from discomfort -or worse- should the Board not approve the candidate.  Should this be the case, please talk to the Membership Chair for next steps.

Article 13, Section 2 – The Board shall ensure that the proposal meets all the classification and membership requirements of the standard Rotary club constitution.
Article 13, Section 3 – The Board shall approve or disapprove the proposal within fifteen (15) days of its submission, and shall notify the proposer, through the club Secretary, of its decision.

Step 3:  Talk to the Candidate About Joining

Once the Board approves your pre-approval application, the Treasurer will provide you with a pro-rated dues invoice.

It’s important the prospective member know what they are getting into!  Are they prepared for the requirements and expectations of members?  It’s time to have an open and honest dialogue. This should help:

Article 13, Section 4 – If the decision of the Board is favorable, the prospective member shall be informed of the purposes of Rotary and of the privileges and responsibilities of membership, following which the prospective member shall be requested to sign the membership proposal form and to permit his or her name and proposed classification to be published to the club.

Step 4:  The Candidate Applies

When you think they are ready, you can invite the candidate to fill out the application form to join the club and provide them the invoice.  This process includes giving permission for the club President to put their name and classification before the club membership.  Please use the online form:

[1] Log into 

[2] Click “My Club” then, in the blue bar, NewMember FORM

[3] Fill it out together!  Or you can email to the proposed member a link to the pdf application they can fill out and return:

[4] They should write a check to “Peninsula Rotary” and give it to you, to give to the club Treasurer.

Step 5:  The Club Weighs In

The President, by email, gives the club notice of the Board’s approval of the candidate, reminding each they have 7 days to voice any concerns.  If none are raised, and/or objections are satisfied, you can move on to the next step:

Article 13, Section 5 – If no written objection to the proposal, stating reasons, is received by the Board from any member (other than honorary) of the club within seven (7) days following publication of information about the prospective member, that person, upon payment of the admission fee (if not honorary membership), as prescribed in these bylaws, shall be considered to be elected to membership. If any such objection has been filed with the Board, it shall vote on this matter at its next meeting. If approved despite the objection, the proposed member, upon payment of the admission fee (if not honorary membership), shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Step 6:  Welcome!

Arrange an information session for your sponsee.  This will include yourself as sponsor, the new member, the Membership Chair and the new member’s Mentor.  This is your last formal duty as a sponsor.

Article 13, Section 6 – Following the election, the President shall arrange for the new member’s induction, membership card, and new member Rotary literature. In addition, the President or Secretary will report the new member information to RI and the President will assign a member to assist with the new member’s assimilation to the club as well as assign the new member to a club project or function.

Note that our club has reassigned the provision of a membership card and literature to the club Secretary, and Mentor appointment to the Membership Chair.  The Mentor is responsible for helping the new member select the club projects and/or functions they wish to serve, and is encouraged to do so as quickly as possible.

Congratulations on giving the gift of Rotary to a colleague!