Rotary Cares

Rotary CaresOur Rotary Cares Team’s main mission is to reach out to club members and their families in such a manner that they know that they have a friend in Rotary. 

When a member misses meetings without explanation, or we haven’t seen them at any club activities for a while, we care!  Our Rotary Cares team makes a call and, if appropriate, sends a card, to follow-up on the welfare of absent club members.

If it is discovered that a member has been ill and unable to make contact with Rotary, every possibility to assist is considered, including whether they need anything (food, care, transportation, professional help, etc.). Once it is learned the reason for the member’s absence the information is relayed to the Club Board.

All members are asked to continue to reach out to their special Rotary member friendships and advise our Rotary Cares Team if subsequent follow-up calls need to be made, a greeting card sent, or other outreach.

Those who have sponsored a member should notify our Rotary Cares Team if they learn of a special circumstance regarding their sponsored member that may also need attention from our Rotary Cares Team.  Rotary Cares is also extended to a club member’s family and we honor them as part of our Rotary Family.

Our Rotary Cares Team has at least four members dedicated to it, each serving as the lead for three months of a year. Our current team includes:

  • Paul Estrella, Club PE
  • Eleanor Ramage, Club Secretary
  • Nancey Olson
  • Nancy McAllister
  • …and Brad Browning for tech/Zoom support

For more information, or to volunteer, contact

Current Work:

  • December 2020:  The team has been identified and will soon be designate responsibilities, create a schedule, and outline guidelines regarding when and how to contact fellow members.  This information will be shared with the Club Board.  If you’d like a copy, contact Paul.