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Need A Program? Stock Market Basics

Stock Market Basics – Darts, Coin Flips and Guesses

Interested in the stock market? What makes it go up and down? Should you invest yourself, buy mutual funds or hire help? How should you allocate funds in your 401K? Do darts really work . . .?

Don Weege’s speech will outline the basic factors that move the market and review the most popular methods of market participation – individual stock selection, mutual fund purchases and hired help. He will provide readily available sources of investment information and outline the results you might reasonably expect from your investment program. Don’s speech is informative but non-technical, and sometimes even humorous!

Don is a professional money manager with decades of experience in the stock market and graduate degrees in finance, management and law. He is a charter member of the West Linn Rotary Club and a proud Paul Harris Fellow.

Don Weege

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