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This week, Past District Governor (04-05) Dick Elixman will be talking to the club about World Community Service Projects and the Partners In Service Fair coming up September 23rd.

Partners In Service are Rotarians capable of making presentations that will impact the audience in a positive way. These individuals will have had hands-on involvement with managing and developing international projects in the District. They will each have the ability to effectively speak in English and will provide multi-media presentations that include pictures and graphics to vividly convey their thanks and the impact of the projects completed.

Partners in Service will be visiting our club on September 19th with a presentation which will include the projects they are doing through the clubs in the District, as well as acknowledge the importance of the contributions made by Rotarians in this District. They’ll talk with us about making a connection with an International Partner or simply exploring the idea of establishing an International Project. [more info]

Partners In Service will be available to meet personally with clubs that are interested in making a connection with an International Partner or to simply explore the idea of establishing an International Project. The District 5100 Foundation Committee will be conducting training sessions to assist those clubs in all areas, from selecting an international partner to defining a project and successfully completing that project.

This is an outstanding opportunity for our club to expand our commitment to World Community Service. If you’ve had even an inkling of wanting to be involved in a WCS project, please mark your calendar and be sure to attend club meetings on August 22 & September 19 and the District Partners In Service Fair on Saturday, September 23, 7am-7pm, Kingstad Center – Beaverton, OR . Please RSVP to Keleigh if you plan to attend the Fair.

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