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Paul Harris on history and words of wisdom for today’s economy

“The present days will be recorded in history as days of great depression. All men are yearning for the return of prosperity. Adversity is ever an unwelcome guest. Yet it is neither more food, nor more clothing which is needed. The granaries are full to bursting; the problem of manufacturers is to slow production down from a breathless run to an enjoyable walk. It is in rational work, whether mental or physical, that health and happiness is to be found. The Creator has never revealed a more wholesome outlet than this for pent up energies; work is nature’s own specific and yet, as with every other good thing, it can be sadly misused, grievously abused.

The world is not so much in need of great production as it is in need of a right about faith in its view of life. The glorification of the material has been tried and found wanting. If it may become the purpose of men, each in his own way, to achieve spiritual instead of material results, the storms of adversity need never be feared and prosperity will have a new and abiding meaning.

Rotary is one of the means to that end.”

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