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Polio National Immunization Day: Nigerian Trip

Attached is a PDF file that has full details about the program.  However, permit me to summarize the key information, as follows:

Kano, Kaduna and Zaira, Nigeria – Participate in National Immunization Days to Eradicate Polio and Attend the District 9120 Rotary Conference
02 May – Depart U.S.
12 May – Return to U.S.

The fight against polio is in its last phase, and the challenge to eradicate the disease has become much more tactical.  Now there are only a few weeks between the time a government establishes the date of a National Immunization Day and the date itself.  If you have ever wanted to participate in a polio eradication trip, this is the trip and NOW is the time.  As a result, we expect that this might be one of the last chances you have to join a group program to eradicate polio.  If you have ever wanted to participate in a polio eradication trip, this is the trip and NOW is the time.

In addition to spending three days engaged in the polio eradication effort, we will enjoy the unique experience of attending the District 9120 Rotary Conference in Zaira.

We have a limited number of places available on this trip.  Based upon the e-mail we sent out earlier this month, we already have about 12 people signed up.  Therefore, if you would like to be a part of this effort, we strong suggest you take immediate action.  Further, please make an announcement in your club THIS COMING WEEK so that they can join us.  We expect this trip to be sold out by the week of March 30, 2009.

To register for the trip, please complete the enclosed application and send it to our office as soon as possible.  Due to the short lead time of this program, full payment of the ground portion of the trip is required to join the trip.  You can pay by check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).  Please MAKE SURE to notate your originating airport on the enclosed application.  Upon our receipt of your application, we will then prepare your flight itinerary and contact you to confirm your acceptance of the itinerary if you need to purchase connecting flights to join the group in Detroit.

Also, please carefully read the information in the folder regarding securing a visa.  All U.S. citizens must have a Nigerian visa.  Therefore, your immediate action will be required.  You must complete a visa application on line, and provide your passport, pictures, etc. The timing on securing your visas will be critical.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to be a part of the eradication of polio.  We hope you, or members of your club can join us.  NOW is the time you should take action if you plan to have this experience.

Thank you and best regards,


Bradford R. Howard
Rotary District 5170
Governor, 2002-2003

516 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA  94610
Phone:  (510) 834-2260
FAX:  (510) 834-1019

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