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Potato Planting Pictures

We planted 6 rows of potatoes, two each of Yukon Gold, Red and Russet.  Green Angel Farms provided the land, Sandy Bradley provided the potato seed and Rotarians provided the labor. Keith poked holes, while Keleigh cut up potatoes into plantable chunks with good eye growth. Lynn dropped the spud seed into the holes and Bob raked the dirt back over. Then Lynn and the fellas spread rich mulch donated by Jumping Good Goat Dairy.

It was such a beautiful day, Bob drove his tractor over instead of his truck. The group was so speedy, the planting was done before Mikel was able to break away from work to join in! The whole process only took about half an hour.
Stay tuned. We still need to water, mulch and dead head these lovely beasts! Want to get involved? Contact Keith or Keleigh.

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