PRF_Board Minutes_2020-0106-draft.pdf   approved 3/2/20

Board Member Nominations-2020-21.pdf
Please contact Lanie, Paul, or Dan if you’d like to serve on the 20-21 Foundation Board!

Present 03/02/20: 

  • Schwartz, Kary, Dennis Long, John Ramage, Kathy Long, Nydegger, Estrella, Hintz. 
  • Excused: McAllister. 
  • Guests: Wojcik, Browning, Meg Parsons

Actions Taken 03/02/20:

  • Motion by John Ramage to approve the agenda. 2nd by Estrella.  Unanimous.
  • Motion by Hintz to approve the minutes from 01/06/20 as read.  2nd by Estrella.  Unanimous.
  • Motion by Dennis Long to give the Long Beach Merchants Association $500 toward feeding participants and trophies.  2nd by Estrella.  Unanimous.  John Ramage to cut a check.  Schwartz to draft letter.
  • PE Kary asked to chair Nominations Committee.  Estrella and Nydeggar agreed to serve.
  • Consensus (no action) to forward any new funding requests to be processed in July by the 20-21 Board.