PRF_Board Minutes_2019-1104-draft -Approved 3/2/20


PRF-Board-Email-Vote-Results-2019-1217 -Approved 3/2/20

Present 03/02/20: 

Paul Estella; Karen Hintz; Keleigh Schwartz; John Ramage; Nancy McAllister; Dan Nydegger; Eleanor Ramage; Nancey Olson; Carol Lynn Ockfen. Quorum established.

Actions Taken 03/02/20: 

  • ACTION: John Ramage made a motion to approve the agenda; Second by Paul Estella; Vote:
  • ACTION: Karen Hintz made a motion to approve the November minutes and December 17th,
    2019 as presented; Second by Paul Estella : Vote: Unanimous
  • ACTION: Peninsula Arts Associaton: Request previously approved; funds will be released.
  • ACTION: Luggage of Love: Discussion. After an interrupting Special Meeting of the club. The
    Club has asked PRF to support Luggage of Love, Paul Estrella moved; John Ramage Second to
    commit up to $1500.00 toward supplies needed for Peninsula distribution. Vote: Unanimous.
  • ACTION: Walk for Epilepsy: Sponsor the team shirts. John proposed $500.00 plus T-Shirts;
    Nancy second. Discussion. Vote: Unanimous.
  • ACTION: John Ramage made a mo?on to adjourn; Dan Nydegger seconded. Vote: Unanimous.