Trustees will meet by email in 3 days (May 18, 2020 at 11 am) to take action on the following.

Trustees: Please send any motions or seconds prior to 5/18 (Monday). If these are received, you’ll be sent a ballot on which to vote by Monday 11 am.  This satisfies the 3-day notice of a special meeting of this Board.

1. The Scholarship Committee has made its selections and would like approval to spend the $5,000.previously earmarked for this project.


2.  Please find attached a request from Peninsula Poverty Response for $3,000.

UPDATE: This has been separated into two requests:  $500 for Laundry of Love and $2500 for PPR General Support, qualifying it to be addressed by our COVID Response committee.


Attached is Peninsula Poverty Response’s (PPR) application for PRF funds.  PPR’s mission continues to be meeting the immediate and long term needs of our Long Beach community to reduce the consequences related to poverty through advocacy, awareness and action. We are acutely aware of the needs which the COVID 19 pandemic has placed on local families and individuals.  During this time of shelter in place, businesses closing and high unemployment there has been a significant increase in resource needs.  PPR is hoping to meet those needs offering both financial and referral assistance.
Thank you for this opportunity.  I look forward to hearing from Rotary.
Dawna Svaren
PPR chair
Funds Request
PPR 5 Year Plan Infographic Page 1
PPR 5 Year Plan Infographic Page 2