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Rotary action Adventure

You never know what you’re going to encounter on a Rotary trip, but the mission must go on.

This is my first chance for e-mail since we left Mexico City on Thursday.  Flooding was terrible in Tabasco.  80 % of the state was underwater.  We have delivered about 70 boxes to families living under grass tin and visqueen on a dike with a sea of water on both sides.  Delivered the boxes by canoe like boats that they stand up to row.  They got about 4-5 boxes in a boat and did  manage to tip one over the first day.  No damage though because the 4 boxes floated and the local police that were in the boat hung on.  The people (mayan ethnic) are very poor and probably illiterate or poorly educated and have hardly anything.  Pigs, goats, dogs, cats, horse and cattle alll living with them on the dike about 4 miles long and 20 yard wide.  The people are being taken care of now but a looming challenge will be taking care of the livestock as all of the feed has been stripped to the dirt.  The Rotary here has really stepped up.  They have set up a yard furnishing people food, water and other goods.  We also use the yard for our staging and storage point.  John Mackie from Tallahassee and I are staying with a wonderful Rotary family that has treated us like one of their own.  People here are wonderful and I think that we are doing some good.

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