Wednesday Workshop:

May 20, 2020, 5:30 – 6:30 pm


Serve those in need due to COVID19 by filling the gaps of public and private services.



  • Identify and Inventory needs: Users of existing services and home-bound without outside connections
  • Broker individual and institutional needs, referring to existing programs and services and providing direct service when needs cannot be met through existing channels.
  • Provide a networking forum for private and public entities serving those in need.

This Week

  • Mask update.  200 delivered to WBH this week.  Agreement to have seamstress continue to sew.  Mark to contact grocers to see if we can supply them with masks to give away.
  • For the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Grant program:  Elly would like $25 gift cards from local grocery stores. Fuel cards on the south end; Mobile, Pioneer.  Mark will purchase cards and turn in a reimbursement to John.  Up to $1000.  Elly gave out her last card today.
  • Request from PPR: $500 Laundry of Love.  Approved. Keleigh will ask John to cut a check. Monica to f/u with Nancy re donation of laundry product.
  • Request from PPR: $2,500 General Support. Approved; request a 3-month informal report to our committee on successes as a result of the donation.
  • PCCF via Visitors Bureau (check your email for detail). Determined this project is out of scope for the committee but there is interest in serving on another committee for this purpose.  Keleigh will pass to Karen H.

Outstanding Projects

“Identifying Needs” Flyers + Social Media

  • Mark & Monica: Draft flyer content:  1 flyer for NPO leaders and 1 for them to distribute to end users; shows services available, what to do if you need help
  • Keleigh: Create flyers/visually polish Mark & Monica’s efforts. PDF versions for emailing + web-friendly for use on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Monica: Work with Meg to translate flyer

Rotary Public Relations

  • Monica: Submit TY to Observer for Anita’s Fish Fry
  • Keleigh: Send Monica, Meg press kit and Observer submission address
  • Meg: Draft press release about what Rotary is doing re Covid Response
  • Meg: Consider weekly or bi-weekly Rotary mini-article in the Observer

Homeless Youth Demonstration Grant

  • Meg: Draft guideline for Jamie and/or Elly in how funds can be used, how kids qualify, what flexibility exists, what reporting is requested.

Identify & Catalog Service Providers, Services

  • Keleigh: Ask Brad for assistance getting the club filespace set up.

Areas of Responsibility

  • All: Grow the Monday list of attendees.
  • Mark: Deliveries, Utilities, Homeless Students Grant, PC Emergency Management
  • Meg:  Documentation, Procedures, Elly/School District Liaison
  • Monica:  Hispanic Community, with Mark, writing.  with Meg, PR
  • Dennis:  PCFD1, Village Club
  • Nancy:  PPR, Wellspring
  • Lanie:  Port of Ilwaco
  • Charlotte:  OP Food Bank
  • Natalie: Food 4 Kids Backpacks Program
  • Dan: Watches/fills Long Beach Little Pantry
  • Keleigh: The business end of the group: meeting coordination, notes, task lists, bookkeeping and liaison to Treasurer, graphics support as requested, PC Community Foundation
How can we coe closer together when we are asked to stay apart?

This Week's participants

  • Keleigh Schwartz
  • Meg Parsons
  • Monica Sicard
  • Mark Magee


Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:15 – 6:15 pm, until further notice
Zoom information is sent by email to anyone on the list; if you aren’t receiving, contact

Mask-Specific Fund

+$370.  Collective donations
– $50. paid for 40 masks 5/2020

Covid Response funds raised

+$8,950.  EAA Online Auction
+$1,930.  Anita’s Fish Fundraiser

Covid Response funds allocated: $0.

-$1,000.  Homeless Students Grant
-$2,500.  PPR General Support
-$   500.  PPR Laundry of Love

-$1,000.  Grocery and Medication Deliveries
-$.  500.  Printing (advertising & faux cash)