Notes from Monday’s Networking Meeting:

June 8, 2020                       5:15 – 6:15 pm


  • To serve those most in need due to the COVID19 pandemic.
  • To provide a networking opportunity for public and private entities serving those in need.

Discussion Points

  • Meg opened the meeting with an agenda of figuring out a monthly agenda and determining an ongoing date and time for these meetings.
  • Agreement for 2nd Monday, 5:15 – 6:15 pm
  • Agenda should include introductions, reports on new needs and concerns,  reports on news and opportunities, and an open forum.
  • Nan reported there is a Weds 1130 am Zoom with the Board of Health that is open – learn and ask questions.
  • Nan reported on Ocean Beach Hospital becoming more transparent, including use of their swing unit. Also they are fundraising for $100K to create an isolation unit.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor program has come from the Village Club and allows people to tell what they need.  Village Club meets monthly, 6pm this Thursday on Zoom.
  • Elizabeth says St Vincent DePaul calls are down; tell people to call on them for help with rent, utility assistance.
  • Lani is putting together packs of sanitizer, gloves, etc.; get the word out to those in need.
  • Expression of concern about people not wearing masks despite Phase II order for employers to provide for employees.  Suggestion to bring this up at the Board of Health meeting Wednesday.  Lack of enforcement is an issue.
  • Board of Health and County Commmissioners will hold a hearing on Zoom Saturday June 13 at 9am. They will then present the application for entering Phase 3 to the state.
  • Discussion of Covid tests not being FDA approved, whether any have been positive.  Conflicting information.

From Chat

How can we coe closer together when we are asked to stay apart?

This Week's participants

  • Keleigh Schwartz, Rotary
  • Meg Parsons, Rotary
  • Monica Sicard, Rotary
  • Mark Magee, Rotary
  • Lin Li, Willapa Behavioral 
  • Pastor Anna Haugen, Chinook Lutheran Church
  • Elizabeth Flanders, St Vincent De Paul
  • Lanie Karvia, PCFD1
  • Nansen Malin, CCAP, Hospital Foundation, +
  • Deborah Wells, Wellspring, Peninsula Poverty Response

ALL: Please complete BOTH TABS of the google sheet:  ROSTER and Services by Org:  Covid Response Collaborators – Hosted by Peninsula Rotary


  • ALL:  Please share the Google invitation, or the info in the calendar, to invite resource providers, those working with groups of residents. OR send your invite requests to
  • ALL: If you have documents you would like to share with this group, please send to until we have a shared drive set up.  Thank you.


Second Mondays, 5:15 – 6:15 pm
Ask any of the participants for Zoom information else email

You are invited to join us for any of our Rotary Zoom meetings, held Tuesdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm.  Programs are interesting and we’d love to get to know you better!  Ask any Rotarian for access information.