Public & Private Service Providers Networking Workshop

July 13, 2020, 5:15 – 6:40 pm


  • Meg Parsons, Chair
  • Monica Sicard
  • Keleigh Schwartz
  • Nancy McAllister
  • Mark Magee
  • Elizabeth Flanders (St Vincent de Paul, Pacific Community Foundation, Ilwaco Food Bank)
  • Anna Haugen (Naselle & Chinook Lutheran Churches)
  • Sue Svendsen (Long Beach City Council)
  • Dale Larson (South Bend Lutheran Church)
  • Susan Carney (Ilwaco Timberland Library)

News and resources:

  • Long Beach Sewer Covid19 testing took place for the third time.  Results for Covid19, had previously tested negative twice.  The third test, July 6th, has come back indicating at least thirty positive cases of Covid 19 in Long Beach.  Currently there are 18 confirmed cases via nasal swab testing method in Pacific county.  
  • On the topic of mask wearing. It is confirmed that Washington state labor and industries is responsible for the enforcement of wearing masks for the safety of employees.  Note of fact is to spread awareness of solutions needed for hearing impaired persons inability to read lips.

Ideas, thoughts, and concerns:

  • Improvements to our broadband internet service are needed as we are more online.  There is fiber optic cable already installed in Long Beach. It lacks a management faculty to run it.   
  • How prepared are we as a community in the event of another major lock down?   Food pantries are stocked in plenty with fresh USDA produce.  The homeless youth project has received funds. Some new lower cost apartments have become available in Long Beach.  
  • Will schools open in the fall? Discussion revolved around the need to ensure children have their resources for education.  This circled back to the discussion regarding improving our internet access. Can we create community hot spots? Internet service is available from parking lot outside of Library.   

Public & Private Service Providers Networking Workshop:

2nd Mondays
5:15 – 6:15 pm

Contact Meg to confirm dates/times/login

Zoom information is sent by email to anyone on the list; if you aren’t receiving, contact Meg.



Serve those in need due to COVID19 by filling the gaps of public and private services.



  • Identify and Inventory needs: Users of existing services and home-bound without outside connections
  • Broker individual and institutional needs, referring to existing programs and services and providing direct service when needs cannot be met through existing channels.
  • Provide a networking forum for private and public entities serving those in need.

Strike Force Projects

Funding to Peninsula Poverty Response

  • In support of PPR serving as a gateway for all Covid-affected Peninsulans in need ($2,500, March ’20)
  • Laundry of Love program ($500, March ’20)

“Identifying Needs” Flyers + Social Media

  • Mark & Monica: Draft flyer content:  1 flyer for NPO leaders and 1 for them to distribute to end users; shows services available, what to do if you need help
  • Keleigh: Create flyers/visually polish Mark & Monica’s efforts. PDF versions for emailing + web-friendly for use on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Monica: Work with Meg to translate flyer
  • $500.  Printing (advertising & faux cash) earmarked

Rotary Public Relations

  • Monica: Submit TY to Observer for Anita’s Fish Fry
  • Keleigh: Send Monica, Meg press kit and Observer submission address [done]
  • Meg: Draft press release about what Rotary is doing re Covid Response
  • Meg: Consider weekly or bi-weekly Rotary mini-article in the Observer

Homeless Youth Demonstration PROJECT GIFT CARDS

  • Meg: Draft guideline for Jamie and/or Elly in how funds can be used, how kids qualify, what flexibility exists, what reporting is requested. [done]
  • Mark:  Research & purchase cards, deliver to Ellie Rosaire for distribution. [done]

 keep pantries stocked

  • Dan: Notify this group if food is needed for the little pantries.
  • Charlotte:  Notify this group if there are food bank needs.
  • Natalie:  Notify this group if Food4Kids or school bus delivery programs are in need.

Marketing Plan for SPCCF portal

  • …for building recurring donors through SPCCF portal.  EVERYONE


  • Review PRF draft process with an eye to reducing it to essential elements
  • Create documents:
    • Overview for the solicitor, with  request form,
    • Scoring sheet,
    • 2 Letter templates, not funded and funded; the latter includes agreement to sign/return.
    • PRF President’s Guide, including a tool for tracking funded projects and ensuring all steps are completed by both PRF and the entity funded.
  • Dcs currently in use):
  • Meg will re-draft so all should send comments and ideas to Meg.
fish fry fundraiser for covid-19 relief #rotaryresponds

Photos from Anita’s Community Fish Fry which raised funds for our committee.  Clockwise from left: Hayden and Sarah, Joe & Charlotte, Monica, Lynn

How can we coe closer together when we are asked to stay apart?

#RotaryResponds Strike Force Workshop

Follows the 2nd Monday networking meeting, at 6:45 pm

Also even numbered weeks Weds 5:30 -6:30pm

Contact Meg to confirm dates/times/login

Covid Response

Funds Raised

+$8,950.  EAA Online Auction
+$1,930.  Anita’s Fish Fundraiser

Funds Expended

-$1,000.  Homeless Students Project
-$2,500.  PPR General Support
-$   500.  PPR Laundry of Love


-$1,000.  Grocery and Medication Deliveries
-$.  500.  Printing (advertising & faux cash)



Agreed-Upon Areas of Responsibility

  • All: Grow the Monday list of attendees.
  • Meg:  2020-21 Chair, Documentation, Procedures, Elly/School District Liaison
  • Keleigh: Liaison to Treasurer, web/graphics support, SPC Community Foundation
  • Mark: Deliveries, Utilities, Homeless Students Grant, PC Emergency Management
  • Monica:  Hispanic Community, with Mark, writing.  with Meg, PR
  • Dennis:  PCFD1, Village Club
  • Nancy:  PPR, Wellspring
  • Lanie:  Peninsula Rotary Foundation
  • Charlotte:  OP Food Bank
  • Natalie: Food 4 Kids Backpacks Program
  • Dan: Watches/fills Long Beach Little Pantry
fish fry fundraiser for covid-19 relief #rotaryresponds
fish fry fundraiser for covid-19 relief #rotaryresponds