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You just never know where you’ll find a Rotarian–or a group of us–ready to pitch in to make our community an even better place!

Adopt A Highway

Adopt A Highway is a partnership with Washington State Department of Transportation, helps keep the entrance to our community clear of discarded debris.

Auction Assistance to Non-Profits

Our club's auction efforts changed dramatically when we employed cloud-based software.  And, with 20+ galas in our rear-view, we have a lot of hard-earned experience, processes, and documents that make our events run smoothly.

After turning an in-person gala into an online effort just about overnight as Covid-19 hit, a few of us got together and decided we could share what we know with other non-profits and give them a hand-up.

The result is a 3-year plan to work with local groups.  Year one is about conversations: we learn about the organization, its goals, how it functions, experience, etc. and we share what we've learned, finding a new path together that solves problems, whether they be historical or avoiding pitfalls of the future.

In year two, we take a step back and shadow the organization's auction team in using the tools and procedures we put together in year one, helping if needed.  In year three, we're close by but allowing the non-profit auction team to soar solo.

Of course, we stay in touch as needed.  Our goal is to teach and remove ourselves over three years so we can help another group.

More info:

Currently Assisting:

Book Donations to Schools

Our club donates books signed by our Program Speakers to local school libraries in their honor.

Christmas Angels Gift Trees – Through DECEMBER 12

Christmas Angels Gift Trees is a partnership with our community to ensure no elementary school child goes without a gift on Christmas morning.  

Continuing Education Scholarships for Local Seniors

Continuing Education Scholarships for Local Seniors are offered each year to Ilwaco High School and Alternative School graduating seniors.  Students compete for the scholarships with an essay on Rotary’s 4-Way Test and use the funds when enrolled in a vocational program of study beyond high school.


Clothes for Kids – Through October

Clothes for Kids, a partnership with Ocean Beach School District, offers shopping days and a budget for students ages 13-17 in need of school clothes.

Clothes 4 Kids

ropa para ninos
Dictionaries to Local 4th Graders

Peninsula Rotary participates in the Dictionary Project, annually providing dictionaries to every 4th grade child in Ocean Beach School District.  Donate!

Luggage of Love: Helping kids in chaos

Luggage of Love provides comfort and dignity to kids in chaotic transition between homes.  Our club manages the South Pacific County effort.

Rotary Wheel in our Community

Rotary Wheel in our Community promotes the presence of Rotary and its ideals locally.  We proudly display the Rotary wheel logo on our projects.

Shop with a Cop

Shop with a Cop is our club's partnership with Ocean Beach School District, Dennis Company, the Lost Roo, and local law enforcement organizations, along with support from, Bank of the Pacific, and the Cottage Bakery, to provide positive experiences for primary school youth who might otherwise have only negative experiences with authority.

International Projects

We’re currently participating in:

Our time, talent, and treasure also support these local efforts
Service Above Self


Members and friends describe some of our many service projects. PENINSULA ROTARY LOVES KIDS! You can help: DONATE

Peninsula Rotary Loves Kids!

The needs of kids in our community has increased during Covid and fundraising for our programs and others that rely upon us for funding weigh upon us greatly.

At the same time, we are aware that we must be a strong club to continue support at this level.  To that end, our club is taking care of one another this year and working on rebuilding for a post-pandemic world, which we believe is just around the corner.

We love peninsula kids.  We know you do, too.  We are dipping into reserves and ask that you please consider a donation to help us get through this transitional year.  With any luck, we’ll be back with an in-person gala in 2023!

Arts & Adventures

2022: See “Peninsula Rotary Loves Kids”
Arts, & Adventures is our big fundraiser annually.  It typically includes silent and live auctions, some noshes, hijinx, and great camaraderie.  This year’s event is online, with a silent auction April 11-17, 2021, and a Virtual Live Event on the 17th.  Enjoy our virtual cocktail party and live auction alone or in a watch group!  Registration

Christmas Projects Golf Tournament

Christmas Projects Golf Tournament is held each September at Peninsula Golf Course.  Good times!


Fines & Brags

At the end of each meeting, club members have an opportunity to pay a fine to brag about… being in the paper, a grandchild’s graduation, or whatever moves them!  Some members fine themselves a dollar a year on their birthday or wedding anniversary while others self-fine for a phone ringing during a meeting or not wearing their Rotary pin.

These funds are used by the club to pay operating expenses.  That means every dollar raised in fundraising efforts are 100% used by our projects.  When you give through our fundraisers, you know your gift will be at least 100% put into the project(s) you support.  Sometimes, through grant writing, your dollars can be doubled.  And when used on International projects, dollars are multiplied even farther!

"Getting to Know You" Auction

Our “Getting to Know You” Auction is a small silent auction held at Installation Dinner each June.  Members are encouraged to bring items that tell their fellow club members a little bit more about themselves.

Grant Writing to Rotary

When Rotarians make gifts to The Rotary Foundation, those funds sit and earn interest for three years.  The interest is used to run The Rotary Foundation and the principle returns to the Rotarian’s District.

Our District, 5100, runs on both sides of the Columbia River, from the coast into Idaho, with more than 70 clubs representing a diverse group with common goals.

Each club is entitled to make grant requests to the District, provided goals have been met in terms of making donations to The Rotary Foundation.  The goal is set at $100 per Rotarian in the club, although it doesn’t matter which Rotarians contribute to meet that total goal, just that it is met.

Our club writes grants every round they are open, typically receiving as much, or more, than club members contributed to The Rotary Foundation.  These funds power our programs and those we support.

Picklepalooza! – Oct 22-23-24, 2021

Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort and Tennis Center hosts a pickleball tournament each year.  Club members help out over the weekend of play and the Resort generously donates proceeds to our Peninsula Rotary Foundation for use with our projects.  Isn't that great of them?

pickleball tournament pickleball tournament

pickleball tournament Grab the sponsorship pdf form, or use this:

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Peninsula Rotary Foundation
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rotary pickleball clinic
Club Pickleball Clinic

Our club works on projects locally and internationally.  Most involve children, and one of Rotary’s key areas of focus (see image, below).

We are especially interested in projects that

  • help local kids and families;
  • offer hands up rather than hand-outs;
  • involve our club members.

We develop relationships with our partners, including follow-up on the results of our combined efforts, ensuring the funds we administer do the most possible good.

If you’d like to partner with our club, begin by filling out our Project Partner Application and returning it to, or to the mailing address shown on the form.

Partner with us!

We accept applications [pdf] year-round.  For the best chance of funding, get yours in before July 1st  as the bulk of our funds are distributed following a review of those applications at the beginning of our fiscal year.

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