Ideas for Making an Engaging Golf Hole Station

Please make your 2020 station Covid-safe!

Making an engaging hole station isn’t as hard as it might sound.  Share this page with your potential Tournament Sponsors for ideas and also let them know our event team is ready, willing, and able to help!

A good-looking booth with inexpensive snacks are all it takes at a minimum.  Make a strong impression by adding one or more of the ideas below:

All that and a bag of chips

Carnival Games

Remember all those silly games you played at the school carnival? Put your own twist on one and make it your booth game.  Make your display fun and engaging!

All that and a bag of chips

Fishing for prizes

This can be played in a kiddie pool or a bucket!  Make cards ahead of time with  one prize listed per card, and a steel washer glued to the back.  Players fish using a small pole or dowel; on the hook end is a magnet.  A player might pull up a prize and might pull up “Try Again” or “No Prize For You!”  Make it free to play and keep it fun!

prize wheel

Snack Prize Wheel

Popular snacks to hand out: jerky, bananas, energy bars, veggie bags, orange slices, hard boiled eggs, nuts, dried fruit, apples, water bottles, juice bottles, breath mints (tic-tags tied with a tee are popular). Small 1-2 bite portions to consume at the hole, or things they can put in their bag without it going bad or getting smashed.

All that and a bag of chips

All that and a bag of chips

This engineering firm offered “All that and a bag of chips” where golfers could sign up for a free consultation.

Chips and water were branded and available to everyone.

All that and a bag of chips

Free Balls!

Who can resist stopping by a booth with that banner?

All that and a bag of chips

Did someone say dunk tank?

This not only makes a great impression with golfers, but it helps cut back in dehydration cases as well.  Tanks are available for rent or you can DIY a setup similar to what’s seen in the photo.  Google “Golf Dunk Tank” to get started.

longeet marshmallow drive

Longest Marshmallow Drive

Hold the Longest Marshmallow Drive contest!

Winners get a prize from your business…or a bag of marshmallows.

longeet marshmallow drive

Golf Trivia

How about a speed round of golf trivia?

longeet marshmallow drive


A giant Jenga game can be made inexpensively with 2x4s.  Be sure to have prizes for the winners.

longeet marshmallow drive

Party Favors for Every Golfer

Put together a pre-made favor for each golfer.  This could be your entire experience, or you could add it to an activity.  Everyone remembers the company giving the coolest stuff!

Fun eats also make an impression!

longeet marshmallow drive

Swag Bags are always popular.

Put together small bags of goodies for each golfer; promotional items, samples, brochures, etc. and offer a fish bowl for business cards. This booth pulled from the fish bowl to win the golf bag shown.

longeet marshmallow drive

Minute to Win It

There are so many great ‘Minute to Win It” games. Pick one that is quick and fun and make it your hole activity!

golf pinata

"Hole In One"

“Hole In One” – string up a pinata and let people take a swing at it. They can “take a swing” and try to tear a “hole in one”.   Very punny! Dress the part!

longeet marshmallow drive

Who doesn't love a Photo Booth?

Create a photo booth! Post the photos to your own social media wall and add #PeninsulaRotaryGolf so we can push them to our wall as well. Better still, tag

longeet marshmallow drive

Beverage Samples

With proper permits, you may be able to give away liquor samples.
Alcohol-free beverages can be served by any business type!

longeet marshmallow drive

Mini Raffle

Hold a mini raffle! You have a basket or three of items that make your business or organization look good, sell raffle tickets and hold a drawing during our awards program. Your raffle could benefit the Christmas Angels Gift Trees, Shop With a Cop, or your organization.

longeet marshmallow drive

Bites & Chat

A restaurant tournament sponsor, serving a bite of food and friendly chat. We’re told pulled pork is mighty popular!

longeet marshmallow drive

Tea Time

Serve tea and dessert at a table near the actual tee. Hand out golf tees with your company name imprinted, or golf-themed cookies, cupcakes, etc with your brand on them or the packaging.

longeet marshmallow drive

Company Swag

Set up a tent displaying your company’s wares and give golfers a high perceived value offer to take with them such as free X when you buy Y.