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Shelter boxes helping yet again

Gary left for Boliva last week to supply ShelterBoxes to a flooded area.   Here is a note he sent today.

I thought you might be interested.

“I had a busy day yeserday as a govt. emergency director took me to tour  a flood area.  They have camps set up for the people, but they are vey crude, in some cases people are living in the mud.  It breaks your heart to see especially the kids and old people living in those conditions  It was a 4 hr. trip to get to the  community and probably 30 to 40 km to the villages.  Travel was by 4×4 and we got stuck a couple of times, but had plenty of help to push us out.  It is lowlands around the Rio Grande River, which I believe is a source of the Amazon.  It is basically jungle with a narrow dirt road the whole way in. We left at 5:30 and din´t get back until after midnite.  Boxes aren´t in as I thought but expect hem in soon.  I am in Santa Cruz, by the way.  I flew over here on Tuesday commercial.  The embassy didn´t have space available until Weds.  I told you the other day that they were flying helicopters, but I was confused they use C-130s.”

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