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Theme & Logo for Rotary Year 2007-2008

RIPE Wilf Wilkinson unveils the Theme & Logo for the Rotary Year 2007-2008
     Our theme for 2007-08 is reversible:  Rotary Shares and so we  must all share Rotary.  During the first three decades of my life as a Rotarian, Rotary was growing steadily.  No thanks to me, however, as I never brought in any new members.  When Rotary’s numbers began to drop in existing clubs, I suddenly realized that the organization I had come to care about so deeply would not simply continue to grow on its own.  I understood then that I – and every other Rotarian – share the responsibility of bringing new members into our ranks, and it was time that I did my part.
     In the coming year, I will be encouraging each one of you to do your part and share Rotary with other business and professional leaders in your community.  I have set a goal for every Rotarian on my leadership team of directors, training leaders, membership coordinators, district governors, and club presidents to bring in at least one new member in 2007-08.  I’m even asking all the past RI presidents to join us in this effort.  Moving on from there, I have established a plan for recognizing all Rotarians who bring in new members.  Working together, let us share the responsibility for Rotary’s growth and make all our clubs stronger and more viable.

     The dedicated Rotarians who develop dynamic project ideas and galvanize other members to action form the backbone of every club, but there are too few of them.  I believe that every one of us could be that kind of Rotarian if we just take that important first step toward personal involvement – if we just say yes.
     YES, I will lead that project.
     YES, I will bring in a new member.
     YES, I will share my ideas and my resources to make my club stronger.
      I am convinced that 1.2 million involved and active Rotarians can finish the job on polio eradication; carry out projects involving health, water, and literacy; promote the cause of peace to every part of the globe; and clearly and powerfully demonstrate to the world that

Wilf Wilkinson
President, Rotary International, 2007-08



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