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UPDATE: Children of the Golden Triangle

Hello all,
First of all, thank you for your participation in the matching grant for Children of the Golden Triangle.  I wanted to let you know where we are in the process.
As you may know, I’ve been the primary in writing the grant.  (What an educational experience it has been!)  After in-depth conversations with the D5100 grants chair and with PDG Dick Elixman, we’ve determined that it is possible to increase the grant to cover eight toilet blocks, rather than the four we had been talking about earlier.  Eight, as you’ll recall, is the number David Stevenson originally asked us to consider.
To that end, I have re-submitted the grant.  I allocated the difference to the Lake Oswego Club, primarily for expediency in getting the revamped request to the committee but also because Lake Oswego has sufficient funds in reserve for this project to fully fund the additional amount.  The total amount is now $43,383.36.
Total Project  $43,383.36
Source of Funds Partner Clubs DDF
Chiang Rai Club  $     100.00  
Lake Oswego Club  $  9,103.00  $  9,103.00
Clackamas Club  $  2,000.00  $  2,000.00
SW Pacific Co Peninsula  $  1,000.00  $  1,000.00
Wilsonville  $     250.00  $     250.00
Subtotals Cash and DDF  $12,453.00  $12,353.00
Total Co-Sponsor Contrib  $24,806.00
Requested from TRF  $18,577.36
Total Financing  $43,383.36
I am leaving Monday morning for Thailand to make an on-site visit to this project.  While I am there, one of my goals will be to assemble a community assessment.  In the meantime, the MG is in the approval process.  When I return, it will be possible for Wilsonville and Clackamas to increase their share of the total, thereby reducing LO’s contribition.  Just respond to me by email if you wish to up your contribution.  Keleigh, I understand SW Pacific County is firm in its commitment of $1,000, which is just fine.  And thanks to all of you for joining in to protect the children of the Golden Triangle. 
Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!
Sharon R. Starr
Lake Oswego Rotary Club #292

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