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WCS project partnerships among N Coast Clubs

Fellow Rotarians,

Please see the information below on two World Community Service projects championed by the Seaside club.  Stewart has met with the recipient Rotarians and club members plan to go to the projects also.  If you are inspired to participate, please let me know and we’ll put our club’s potential participation on the agenda for our next Board meeting.

I’ve got the attachment information noted below; simply indicate your interest and I’ll forward it along:  keleigh at beachrotary dot org or call Stewart (his contact info is below).

Bali school project – attached is a PDF document put together by Charles, working with his contact in RC Ubud, Bali.  It includes a map (Ubud is in central Bali) – and attached is the draft MG form – it is presently being revised to include signatures, slightly more info.  All we need to finish the club funding for this project is $1000.  Also attached is a sample list of supplies/furniture for a single school.  Our committee member Charles Dice is moving this one forward, on a fast track.  We hope the D5100 Grants subcommittee will consider it in the next week or two. 
Note – there are 44 village schools identified … if your club (or 2 clubs) wants to contribute more than $1000, we can increase the number of schools that would be helped!  A $2500 contribution (matching ours) might put us on the way to fitting out 5 village schools (about 900-1000 children), assuming DDF can be had to match.
[On this project, a Bali Rotarian (VP of the Club) is contributing $1000 of her personal funds to our effort, which helps multiply the total available for this project, and make her a multiple-PHF donor.]

Clean Water project in Gadung, Indonesia – attached is the writeup by the RC Denpasar Kota describing this project, which bring clean water to a community of 1600 people whose nearest clean source now is 3 miles away.  Committee member Denise Lyon is working on this one, and has a number of questions “vetting” the club and project to be they are both “solid”.  We are looking for about $2000 in club contributions to go with our $2500; total project is about $15,000.

 Call me anytime to talk about WCS,

Stewart Martin, WCS Chair RC Seaside
503-368-7474 or cell 440-1852

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