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West Columbia Gorge Charter Night

We would be honored to have you share in our Charter Night on Saturday, August 26 at McMenamin’s Edgefield on Halsey in Troutdale in their ballroom. The event begins at 6:oo pm.

All attendees should make prior registration with Brenda Brady, our event chair through e-mail or (503) 491-7299. Dinner is $30 per person for Salmon, Pork, or Vegetarian.

Several have asked about providing us with a “Charter Gift” in honor of this night. While it feels somewhat like a bridal registry, if interested, our Club Secretary, Andrea Watson, (503) 661-7200, or Brenda Brady could assist you in selecting possibilities so we don’t end up with “five toasters!”

During the past year we have reveled in the development of the Rotary Club of West Columbia Gorge and the incremental growth and the projects we have already undertaken. We look forward to associating with each of you and the potential for joint service projects to benefit our local communities and the world in general.

Most importantly, I hope you can join with us in this celebration, and that we can begin a collaborative service in Rotary.

With warmest Rotary regards,

Terry Kneisler, President

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