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Why one member joined Rotary

When I went to my first Rotary lunch in 2001, my host asked me to join but couldn’t give me too many details about what exactly Rotary was so I went home and looked it up on the internet.

Reading the mission statement, the object of Rotary, the Four Way Test and what Rotary was doing around the world grabbed me and said, “This is you, this is what you’ve been looking for all your life, you have to be a part of this, these people think the same way you do.”

I never knew there was an organization like Rotary that believed in serving others, working together across borders and cultures; all the things that I held so dearly. I immediately called my sponsor and said, “Yes, I can’t wait, I want to be part of Rotary!”

In the past six years I have never been disappointed. Rotary is everything it claimed to be and more. I have found the best of friends, both in my community, across the U.S. and internationally.

My family has jumped right in with me; my oldest daughter is Past President of our Interact Club and helped start an EarlyAct Club at my youngest daughter’s school so she too could be involved.

All of us traveled to the Chicago convention where we met so many people who believe in Service above Self. Our family has visited an orphanage in Mexico and delivered school supplies, books and games, sundries and food.

We have been warmly welcomed in Rotary Clubs in other cities during our travels. We have painted purple pinkies and given away dictionaries and Thanksgiving food baskets; we have done RYLA, assemblies, and conventions. We are living the family of Rotary and couldn’t be happier!

Twentynine Palms, CA Rotary Club – District 5330
Secretary, 2002-2004
President, 2005-2006
Assistant Governor, 2006-2007

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