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Why stay in Rotary?

GEORGE M. YEITER, Past Governor of District 5890, made a list of some of the reasons he has stayed in Rotary for 18 years.  Many of us will be able to identify with these:
“Fellowship was my original motivation.  I wanted to belong to something and associate with people other than just those in my church and professional associations. This is still a big deal for me.
Without Rotary, I could not ever get to meet, and in many cases become friends with, this many quality people.
I like being involved in service programs.  Alone, I could never have the kind of impact that we have as a “body of Rotarians.
I find a quiet satisfaction in lighting up someone else’s life, in being part of building a park, funding a medical clinic, providing clean bedding for orphans in an orphanage in Mexico, or helping reforest thousands of acres with trees. 
It is a rush to attend the District Conference and Rotary International’s Convention.  I know Rotarians all over the world.
By volunteering and staying involved I keep up my interest in Rotary and in life.

Rotary volunteer opportunities have helped me grow in personal skills such as public speaking and leadership.
Rotary gives me a sense of purpose and greater meaning to my life.”

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